Two Hearted River - Canoe / Kayak Trips
We are now bringing back scheduled group Canoe / Kayak Trips on Earnest Hemingway's
legendary Big Two - Hearted River
.  The river has a good current, is gerally 3-4 feet deep and has
a beautiful amber hue of color (similar to Tahquamenon Falls color).  The river is mostly sandy
with lots of places to stop and take a break.  This is a wilderness river so there is hardly any
human development.  Remote and refreshing.  Make sure to plan ahead for remoteness and
possible cool temperatures - extra water, rain gear, no cell phone coverage, cigarette lighter,
jackets etc.  Office is located at 29628 Co. Rd. 407 Deer Park, Mi next to Muskallonge State Park.

We are offering 2 trips per day.  Both trips are aprox. 4-6 hours long.  

Trip #1  (10am appointment & on river by 11am) - meets at the Reed and Green Bridge on
County Road 410.
 We then transport you to the High Bridge on County Road 407 and then you
paddle back to Reed And Green Bridge
.  Your vehicle will be there when you finish your trip.  
When you are done you leave the boats there.  This trip has many portages to contend with but is
popular to canoe (4-6hrs).

Trip #2  (10am appointment & on river by 10:30am) - meets / starts at the Reed and Green Bridge
on County Road 410 and
finishes at the boat ramp near the mouth of the Two Hearted River, on
right hand side of river, just after the one person suspension bridge .  A driver will be there
approx. 5 pm to pick up your group and equipment and bring you back to your
vehicles parked at the Reed and Green Bridge.  This trip has a few trees down
                                                         to portage around.

                                   Both groups/trips meet at the same place and time 10am
                                          (Reed and Green Bridge on County Road 410)

           Trip #1  4-6 hour canoe / kayak trip from High Bridge to Reed & Green Bridge
                                        Kayak $44  Canoe $54  Dbl Kayak  $59

Trip #2  4-6 hour canoe or kayak trip from Reed & Green Bridge to Mouth of Two Hearted River
                                        Kayak $54  Canoe $64  Dbl Kayak  $69

                   (pricing on canoes is for 2 passengers - $7 extra for 3rd passenger)

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14' canoe w/seating for 3  
10' sit in kayak - very wide/stable    
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(cell phone coverage is spotty so call ahead before)
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